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Parsley’s sappin’ mah salad! May 17, 2009

Posted by lonegamer in Cooking.
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Last night, I tried the potato salad recipe out of my cookbook. I made up the vinaigrette; the vinegar taste was a bit stronger than I expected but I figured it would work out in the end. The ingredients in the potato salad seemed pretty straightforward: Red potato, onion, the vinaigrette, with a number of optional things that could be added as well. I added some chopped celery. The last ingredient, and the one that seemed to wreck the flavour, was the parsley. I’ve never seen parsley used as anything other than a garnish, but this one wanted a half cup of minced fresh parsley leaves.

I don’t know what went wrong. Maybe I got a little too much stem in with the leaves. Maybe I didn’t mince finely enough. As someone who hasn’t minced before, a herb like parsley is difficult to work with. From experience dealing with brown sugar, I packed the parsley into the measuring cup until it was quite full at half a cup. When I stopped packing it in, the cup was a little over full. In any case, when I mixed everything together, the parsley overwhelmed the other ingredients and it was quite foul tasting.

When discussing this on IRC, Peter linked me to a recipe off the Food Network he normally makes, then cursed me for making him have a craving for potato salad. Mom tried some when she got home, and observed the potatoes were breaking apart. She suggested, for next time: Less vinegar, more potatoes, cook the potatoes whole before slicing them, try cilantro instead of parsley (and less of it), more celery, maybe add bacon.

Worth a try, I guess. But not right away, there are other things on my “to-cook” list. In any case, we had romaine in the fridge so I was able to make a quick Caesar up to go with the burgers instead.



1. Greg - May 18, 2009

You’ll be annoyed by this (with good reason), but brown sugar is the *only* thing you pack-down when measuring. Brown sugar clumps funnily and gets (unpredictable) air pockets in it if you don’t press it down.

Everything else is measured by sort of letting it naturally settle (and sweeping excess off the top if necessary).

2. lonegamer - May 18, 2009


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